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Item #: 68RFE/AS69-BFP-19 (F61819R01)
Condition: New
Price: $536.00

Description: Suncoast,Goerend or D & P Performance dual disc HD torque converter (Customers choice) New OEM line pressure sensor OEM solenoid block Bonded pistons Welded Low Reverse planet Pump machining &...More Details »
Item #: 68RFESTG1
Condition: New
Our 68RFE builds are for in-house drive-in customers or customers shipping in/bringing in a good rebuildable core only. Installation is $1200 with hot flush, fluid and fast learn. Pricing is based on the customer having a good rebuildable core. Call or text (714) 870-7300 to schedule. Turnaround time is generally two days from the date of drop off.
Price: $6,495.00

Items 1-2 of 2

View Universal items for: 2017, Ram, 3500