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About Inglewood Transmission

Inglewood Transmission has been around since 1964 and has been a industry developer and leader ever since. We specialize in the customization and rebuilding of Allison, Dodge/Ram, Ford transmissions. Transmissions we rebuild include Allison's of all genertaions,10L80/90,6L80/90,8L90,4L80e,TH400,Powerglide,47re,48re,68rfe,10r140,10r80,6r140,6r80 We incorporate the best parts available, including some of our own proprietary parts to deliver higher quality transmissions and parts. Our former company, Limitless Diesel, has merged with Inglewood Transmission and we continue to strive to build the strongest transmissions in the industry. Our record-holding transmissions prove our dedication toward providing the best built transmissions possible. We are currently located in Fullerton California, but our products reside in countless trucks across the country and around the world. Our customers are extremely important to us, whether it's all out performance or heavy towing we have the right transmission to suit your every need.

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