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Inglewood Transmission 500HP Street/Tow Built Allison 1000

Our 500HP/Tow rebuild is the perfect combination of reliability and performance. The factory Allison has many short comings that need to be addressed to make for a long lasting reliable transmission. We completely go through each transmission front to back and when we are finished we are left with an upgraded like new unit that is much better than how it came from the factory. This transmission is perfect for the stock truck or tune only truck owners who looking for a solid build for when they are towing heavy or want to use the power they paid for with their tuning without worry. Some of what goes into this transmission is performance clutches, shift kit, pressure modifications and a dual disc torque converter.
Availability: For local customers or customers wanting to have the installation of their Allison done at Inglewood Transmission it is $900 with fluid included and we offer SAME DAY turnaround times to have your current transmission built. All you have to do is call or text (714) 870-7300 and schedule an appointment and be here by 9:00 a.m and you'll drive home the same day with your new built transmission. Installation process includes hot flush, fluid and transmission relearn.
Pricing: $5,395.00

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Inglewood 525HP Built Transmission Includes-

- Upgraded torque converter
- Mixture of Raybestos and Alto Clutches
- New Bearings, Bushings, Seals and Gaskets
- Internal harness fix
- C1-C5 Clutches
- RatioTek pressure spring/Shift valve springs
- Upgraded trim valve springs
- TransGo JR Shift Kit
- Custom fluid circuit
- Lifetime warranty
- Fixes P0700 P0762 p0735 p0776 P0777 diagnostic codes

Warranty Info

Inglewood Transmission warrants components against defects in our workmanship and materials used in accordance with the terms and limitations below: (As of 10/10/2023)

- The torque converter will only be warranted by the original manufacturer (Suncoast,Goerend, BD, etc.) and NOT by Inglewood Transmission.
- All claims related to defects in the torque converter shall be made directly with the product manufacturer and not with Inglewood Transmission.
- Inglewood Transmission does not warranty any failures due to or related to broken, sheared, fractured shafts, hard parts and/or cases; or any damage caused by broken shafts, hard parts, or cases.
- Inglewood Transmission does not warranty ANY transmission electrical components for more than 1 year after installation or delivery of transmission.
- Inglewood transmission will not warranty any main cases, extension housings or bellhousings that have cracked or have been compromised.
- Inglewood Transmission will not warranty damage to Stock Enhanced, 525 or 750 horsepower transmissions if that damage was caused by exceeding the power capacity of that particular transmission (overpowering).
- Inglewood Transmission will not warranty any damages resulting from improper installation, negligence, alterations, accidents or improper use.
- Inglewood Transmission will not warranty any failures due to oversized tires without proper regearing.
- Inglewood Transmission will not warranty failures caused by Torrington bearing failure after 1 month of installation or delivery as such failures are not related to the quality or the assembly of the build itself.
- Any repairs to a transmission not authorized by Inglewood Transmission will void warranty and will not be covered by Inglewood Transmission.
- If the vehicle's transmission lines and transmission cooler were not hot flushed or replaced (including the radiator) prior to installation of the new unit it will not be covered under Inglewood Transmissions warranty.
- Inglewood Transmission will not provide warranty repair or service to any owner without properly documented maintenance records (provided by a qualified automotive service technician) that show all of the following:
1. Maintenance was performed at Inglewood Transmission's recommended intervals 0f 6000-10,000 miles using a Allison manufactured external filter (Spin on)
2. A internal filter (sump filter) and fluid change was performed at Inglewood transmission's recommended interval of every 30,000 miles utilizing Allison components and recommended fluid. DEX 3 TranSynd, Cam 2 Synthetic, QuatraSyn, Royal Purple MAX, Schaeffer's All-Trans,Lucas sure-shift. If a fluid to use is in question contact us at (714) 870-7300
3. Warranty is void if transmission core is not returned within 90 days unless otherwise agreed upon and put in writing at the time of purchase.

WARRANTY LIMITED TO REPAIR Inglewood Transmissions liability under this warranty is solely limited to repair or replacement of defective parts and/or workmanship. Inglewood Transmission shall not be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential, or punitive damages including any and all towing charges. Freight cost and subsequent removal and reinstall labor charges not conducted inside Inglewood Transmissions facility are 100% the consumer's liability.
TRANSFER OF WARRANTY - This warranty is made to the original purchaser of the transmission ONLY and is tied to the VIN provided at time of purchase. You will need to provide us with the original invoice number, date of purchase, and reason for warranty claim. You are responsible for any shipping, and all risk of damage.



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