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A common issue in the past for Allison 1000 transmissions was the wear and tear of the C2 clutch hub in high-demanding driving situations like towing and off-roading. The wear and tear of the clutch hub results in a weaker-performing and less durable transmission. To combat this, we supply our customers with top-quality Allison C2 billet hubs manufactured from premium materials. Engineered from CNC machining, these hubs are significantly tougher than OEM parts and are designed to fit factory P2 splines, giving drivers a no-doubt upgrade for their transmission. Increase the durability of your Allison 1000 transmission with our Allison C2 billet hubs and upgrade today!

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Description: Xcalliber C2 Hub designed to fit factory P2 spline and
Item #: 29546705-X
Condition: New
Price: $499.99


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